There are plenty of artists in the world who take inspiration from video games, new and old. Some of them, however, take it one step further and recreate video game icons in their own street art. Here’s a gallery of our 15 favourite pieces of video game street art and graffiti.
Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong smashes through the wall in this piece, which looks incredibly cleanly drawn for wall art.

These Pokemon pieces feature Haunter, Pikachu, and the strongest Pokemon of all time, Magikarp. We love the Banksy inspired Pikachu piece and the retro feel to the Haunter art.

We get the best of both worlds here, with a Banksy inspired Mario piece, and then an incredible use of a Plant ‘pot’ / ‘box’?

Street art isn’t just for walls! This incredible Pac-Man art gives off a 3D vibe on a 2D plane. I also dropped in this X-Ray Pac-Man, because I need more creepy takes on faceless yellow balls.

More pixel art this time, and it’s Link, mid attack. This one really does look like it was taken straight out of a Legend of Zelda game.

Everyone’s favourite speedy blue hedgehog was always going to get in on the street art act. We love all 3 pieces here, but what happened to Sonic’s nose in the middle image?!
Marvel vs Capcom

You may initially think this is just some art for Street Fighter featuring Ryu, but nope, Spidey also makes an appearance. Both characters are recreated incredibly, and you even get the HUD as an added touch!

We couldn’t leave out the Chief, could we?
Bubble Bobble

As soon as I saw this, I couldn’t resist adding it to the list, the adorable bubble-themed reptilian finishes off the list beautifully.
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