Wahlap is a company that we haven’t discussed in quite a while. This Chinese manufacturer made headlines several years ago when when they released Storm Racer to the US market. Their US division has been setup at events like IAAPA every year, although their product selection for overseas markets hasn’t changed much since 2014 (at last IAAPA, they were showing off Overtake VR, but did not want to allow filming of it for some reason).
I do not know if their US division is still in operation or not – the English side of their website hasn’t been updated in a few years and they aren’t taking out ads in places like Replay anymore. But, they still are setup in China, where they have recently listed a few new titles to their Chinese website that we’ll look at here.
As a note, there is no guarantee that these games will be released here – both Monster Eye 5D and the upright version of Teratoma: The Last Rebellion were, but those did not seem to be strong sellers.
Monster Eye 2
Monster Eye 5 was a kind of “answer” to co-op, environmental shooter games like Deadstorm Pirates and Let’s Go Jungle/Island. It plays similarly to those games and had pretty solid graphics. The two features to make it stand out (and “5D”) were a motion base and a Kinect sensor for special in-game events like simulated swimming. Here’s a video of it in case you missed it (or forgot; this also includes footage of Teratoma, a game we’ll discuss further down):

While I do not see a video for Monster Eye 2, we have a couple of assets to look over. There is little data on the game itself that I can find…by what we see below, it looks to have a little bit of a