Weapons are pretty important in video games. While most games let you fight battles with guns, blades and magic – which is a lot more fun than fixing your problems with dialogue – there are other titles that have a not-so-conventional arsenal. Even the most serious ones may have some goofy weapons of war shoved in a secret area, or hidden deep within the game’s code.
From building utensils to healing-blades, these are five goofy video game weapons.
Quake Disruptor, Wipeout 2097
Wipeout 2097 is a futuristic racing game created by British developers Psygnosis. Instead of racing cars or carts, you ride in hovercrafts zipping along race tracks at top-speed to the tune of British electronica bands, like The Prodigy and Fluke. Weapons could be used in Wipeout 2097 to help give racers the edge, only this time they could damage enemy shields and put opponents out of the race for good.
The Quake Disruptor is a high-power seismic earthquake shockwave weapon that sends a tidal-wave of concrete ahead, disorientating and damaging racers in front of you – a bit like making waves with a carpet by grabbing its edges and giving it a good flick.
It may be bizarre, but it sure is effective. Anything goes in the year 2097, baby!
This is the future, ergo it’s legal.
Dagger of Friendship, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
In the medieval role-playing game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you could get your hands on all sorts of blades, daggers, axes, bows, and deadly spells. Its major expansion pack The Shivering Isles contains a new world to explore, known as the Realm of Madness. This bizarre world is home to many oddities, one of which is the Dagger of Friendship.
This small knife will deal 10 points of damage against enemies, but will also instantly heal them 10