The internet is wonderful, allowing us access to plentiful information immediately. However, it also means that we discover things we shouldn’t, like seeing how much better the Nintendo cakes that other people have got for their birthdays and making us both incredibly jealous and very hungry.
As misery loves company, we’ve brought together five of the best retro Nintendo-themed birthday cakes we could find, so you can be jealous with us.

This might not be the most realistic shape, and that controllers is a little too small in terms of scale. But as the maker has gone to tremendous lengths with the details on the controller itself and with making a cable too. Also, the level of detail in the label on that cartridge is simply staggering, and reminds us of the incredible Dr. Mario – no bad thing.

There’s a lot going on here, with both an N64 and NES both stacked, and both of their controllers in tow. Although it’s not the best in most ways, we love the addition of the Mountain Dew can in there, even if it looks slightly odd having a real can laying next to this pair of curvy, and tasty looking consoles. It’s a shame it’s stacking consoles though, that hurts to look at.

Now this is a gorgeous looking cake, so good that we almost don’t want to eat it. The detail is amazing and, even with it’s simpler design, it still has so much happening, with the slightly bad game of Tetris going on. Only loses points because it looks a little small, and we have pretty big appetites when it comes to cakes. Would be good for one though.

When we think of cakes that make us jealous, this little diorama is what we think of. From the realistic-looking NES