The mascot-heavy 1990s was an interesting time in video gaming culture. Between Mario and Sonic there were a ton of also-rans but one bandicoot happened to make a name for himself at the tail end of the trend and helped to solidify the gains newcomer Sony was making in the market.
Debuting in 1996 from the legendary devs at Naughty Dog, Crash Bandicoot, like Sonic before him, combined ‘tude with solid gameplay concepts and delivered a game series the world wouldn’t soon forget. Presented in a hybrid 2D/3D graphical style, Crash Bandicoot was lush and rich, showing off the bright colors and textures the original PSX was capable of when everyone though the Nintendo 64 was, ostensibly, the most powerful system on the market. Even today, the original game’s graphics shine as true examples of what great graphics can be.
n this article, we’re going to tell you 5 things about Crash Bandicoot that you may not have heard about before. These give quick facts should help you on any video game trivia night as well as give you some more background information on the world’s most iconic bandicoot.
5. Almost the star of an animated series

Initially thought of in the same vein as the Earthworm Jim show, the Crash Bandicoot animated series was killed off by Sony’s emphasis on everything being polygonal and three-dimensional back in the day. While it was a cool concept, the Crash Bandicoot television series never really got off of the ground but test animation sequences made appearances in later games so the work of the animators wasn’t entirely lost.
4. Originally Willy the Wombat

Just like Sonic the Hedgehog before him, Crash Bandicoot underwent a series of iterations, one of which posited our titular hero as a wombat. In what would have certainly been a different game, Willy the