The makers of some of the world’s most iconic titles, Nintendo’s history is longer than the video game industry itself.
Makers of the Switch, Wii, SNES, and NES, Nintendo thrive off of doing things a little bit differently (and somewhat better) than their competitors.
Credited with single-handedly resurrecting the home console market with the release of the Famicom in 1983, Nintendo’s innovations rarely rely upon cutting-edge technology but instead the company’s ability to intuit the next big thing in gaming. From platformers in the 1980s to motion controls in the 2000s to a hybrid home and portable console today, Nintendo keeps one step ahead of its competition through its more savvy approach to gamers and gaming which is probably why, in the minds of many older gamers at least, Nintendo is video gaming.
We found five facts about Nintendo that you might not know. And here they are…
5. Game Boy Created by a Janitor

The legendary Game Boy, one of the most successful systems in history, was developed by a janitor who rose through the ranks after the successful development of Donkey Kong and Metroid. Eventually coming up with the Game Boy concept, Gunpei Yokoi would also be associated with the Virtual Boy. The failure of this second system dented the career of a promising Nintendo employee who was hit by a car after a minor accident and killed.
4. Over 100 Years Old
Nintendo HQ in 1889
Founded in 1889, Nintendo is easily the oldest console company out there and, indeed, probably the oldest video game company as well. The company didn’t start out making video games (natch) but they have always had a reputation for making fun diversions based upon traditional Japanese games.
3. Handhelds – Game and Watch

Nintendo’s drive to dominate portables and handhelds actually began way back in 1980 with the proto-DS Game and