Beating games with a controller is one thing, but being able to wave around a big, plastic gun at a TV screen is so much more satisfying in comparison. Light gun games aren’t too big of a thing these days due to a lack of consoles or controllers that can pull this sort of thing off. The genre may be (mostly) gone, but certainly not forgotten, whether they be classic titles from yonks ago, or the addictive arcade machines you’d find in the arcades at the beach.
Ghost Squad
Available on: Arcade, Wii
Japanese developers sometimes create unintentionally corny games. Ghost Squad is no exception. Yes, the writing and voice acting is very campy, but there’s a lot of replay-ability on offer, considering the fact that the game only has three missions. Replaying missions would increase your rank, which would unlock new weapons, outfits to wear during cutscenes, and increase the level of each stage. Often, you’ll be given branching paths, allowing you to enter different areas in certain ways. Certain routes are available only in the higher levels, which may offer surprises like quicktime events and new areas to battle in. Each of the three stages ends with a tricky showdown against a boss.
The Wii version, however, brought more to the table, like four-player mode, party games, a training mission, and the ability to save your data on the console (arcades had ID cards to save data on, but these are beyond out-of-date and are never used these days), thus making it the go-to version, unless you’re desperate to swing around the arcade booth’s plastic SMG.
Machine-gunning terrorists with camp voice acting never gets old.
House of the Dead: Overkill
Available on: Wii, PS3, PC
Heavily inspired by ‘video nasties’ and blaxploitation horror films from decades ago, House of the Dead: Overkill took