Last week, it was mentioned that the non-coin/non-commercial version of Step ManiaX had sold out in record time, selling out within just a few minutes of becoming available on the Step Revolution store. For this release, the non-coin version has been receiving a bulk of the attention, as various school, gym and non-profit facilities have been the target market for the new dance stage style game.
In case you missed previous news on this title, Step Revolution is headed up by Kyle Ward and Step ManiaX serves as a spiritual successor to titles like In The Groove and ReRave.
We’ve been eager to see how the coin-op/commercial version of the game would differ and today, we have your first look at that thanks to the game brochure. The flyer highlights the hardware features, such as a large touchscreen instead of buttons (other dance stage games still use buttons, but if you have on, you see A LOT of finger/hand prints on the screen glass as kids assume that is what you use), the high performance dance pads, and touching on the online & smartphone features. Click to enlarge if needed:
We also have news on location tests for the game. If you find yourself anywhere near 8 On The Break in Dunellen, NJ, then you are in luck, as they will begin testing Step ManiaX there as early as next week (pending the arrival of the shipment). Another major location test is also going to be announced soon at a large overseas location, so stay tuned for that. There are also strong possibilities of the game coming to some of the major trade shows like IAAPA this Fall; we’ll have to wait and see about distribution.  While a release date for the coin-op version has not been announced yet, it will be soon