After the recent cancellation of IAAPA 2020, it was seemingly like there would be no physical trade show for our industry for the remainder of the year. Turns out that assumption was wrong, as “Game Time International” (GTI) went ahead and held their expo in Guangzhou this past week from the 9th-11th. While I did not attend (in part, I had no idea it was happening until the day it began), some others did that have provided us with a glimpse of some products that we might have seen show up at IAAPA in some form.
We have covered previous iterations of the GTI Asia Expos in the past, click here if you would like a refresher.
Highway Games has posted this look at a variety of products seen at the event, some of which we may never see over in the West, but plenty that we will since certain companies do have a presence here. Some will be shown in more detail by UNIS when they hold their virtual trade show next month; Others I imagine will find their way over here via licensing (especially on the redemption pieces). Unfortunately, the camera person doesn’t spend a lot of time showing the game screen on many of these, so several titles are only shown for a few seconds.  The video then some more commentary.

The vid starts with a look at the motion version of Cruis’n Blast, something that is not headed our way due to a licensing agreement between UNIS and Raw Thrills. There’s also a new twin-seater/single screen motion model you see there. Other highlights:

The Chinese version of WACCA was there and looks like it was popular.
The sports games near the beginning (soccer & basketball) are from UNIS and we’ll be detailing those soon as the company shifts focus onto exergaming.