is back in action!
My sincere thanks to everyone who messaged me about the site – it wasn’t hacked, but I was quite frustrated with the extreme slowdown that the site was frequently experiencing using my old hosting service, which would happen any time that I posted a story. After doing some research, I found a new service that came highly recommended.
Due to an error on my part, combined with a miscommunication on the migration request (I thought it had been submitted when it hadn’t), that’s what triggered the odd HostGator page you would have seen this past week. To spare you all of the details, I had to spend some time in both chat and on the phone to get it resolved, plus some waiting. Fortunately, the new host was attentive to my need and has got it taken care of. My thanks to the team at HostGator who got this taken care of, and my thanks to you the readers who not only let me know about the problems you had seen, but for hanging in there.
So, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any issues, in case we once again experience any slowdown problems. From there, let’s get back into the news from the wonderful world of arcades!
To that, note that right before the site went down last Saturday, I made several changes to the 2020 Arcade Releases page. Most of these reflect additions announced as JAEPO 2020, but also include other release date changes that I’ve found out about from being in contact with manufacturers.
Please note that I am still experiencing problems with my email, so in case you’ve sent a message there, hang tight – hopefully that will also be up-and-running quickly as well.
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