While this was mentioned on the blog the other day, press releases tend to give us another reason to discuss new game releases in more detail. The 20th anniversary edition of Andamiro’s seminal dancing game Pump It Up is now available worldwide for arcade locations to add to their venues.
We first saw the game at the IAAPA 2018 trade show, where many fans got a chance to check the game out (and show it off). It wasn’t a long wait to reach the release however, as locations overseas already grabbed their upgrade kits (going from Prime 2 2018 to XX in all of the instances I’ve seen so far, but kits will work for many other existing PIU models as mentioned in the PR).
There is a long press release below the trailer, one of the longer PR’s I’ve come across in recent memory. It gets into the new features (such as the renewals and reward titles), but also takes a paragraph to tout the appeal to casual gamers. While you obviously don’t want to rock the boat so hard that the fans jump ship, releases like this need to bring in new players or the series will stagnate in sales. I would be interested to hear from casual players who come across something like a PIU and if it would bring them in or if they would feel intimidated by it (and why).

I’ve heard from one location that the freestyle charts are in need of improvement, but with online updates, fans can rest assured that it will receive the attention that is needed. If you’ve already had a chance to play it, what did you think?
Here’s the extensive press release, which includes some fun facts and history about the series:
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA and LOS ANGELES, CA–January 31, 2019–
This year, Andamiro‘s