Well the first day of April is about over, so now that we’ve had some fun with the fake version of Super Smash Bros. Arcade, it’s time to see who else cooked up a fun prank today. Don’t forget to revisit our old joke of Firefly Arcade while you’re at it.
Ctrl P VR Diapers
Here’s a fun one posted by our friend Kevin Williams:

Textminator II (LAI Games)
Remember Textminator? If not, then I wouldn’t be shocked, as the game came out right before smartphones stormed the planet and people stopped texting with their 10-key pads. The game challenged players on their texting skills, using the aforementioned pads to write out the words as they fell from the top the screen, doing so before they hit the bottom. Here’s an admittedly crappy video I captured of the game (before I had a camera with decent resolution and a good mic…and experience at shooting these things, so be warned, it’s meh)

For LAI’s joke, they put together a page to promote the sequel to this videmption game above with Textminator II. I won’t spoil all the fun, so click here to check out some fun, self-depreciating humor.

Cosmotrons Announced For Consoles
With all of the talk about indie games lately, this “news” from Cosmotrons is appropriate, as they have developed their first console port of their multiplayer space arena battle game for Nintendo’s Virtual Boy! They are even working on new hardware to link four Virtual Boys together.

World President’s Challenge (Capcom)
Here’s a playable browser game brought to us by Capcom Japan, done as a little spoof on 1942. They also made a landing page with a High Score Girl intro that you can see in Japanese or English, here.

That’s all I managed to come across out there…now back to your regularly schedule programming of real arcade news