It’s to to catch up on some news that has come out of Japan this week, all involving the beloved genre of fighting games.
Street Fighter V Finally Coming To Arcades
Street Fighter was always an arcade game first and console game second, but times and culture change, leading Capcom to give consoles the lead with Street Fighter V. Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono recently revealed that there will be a Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition coming to Japanese arcades next year, although we don’t know much more than that at the moment. The game will begin testing a week from now, so I imagine we’ll have a better idea then; otherwise it will play on a Vewlix cabinet and has a USB slot for allowing gamers to use their own gamepad or arcade stick if they so desire (kind of like Tekken 5 supporting PS2 controllers). I would assume that this will launch on Taito’s NESICAxLive 2 network, although given the information on what Sega is doing below, perhaps it will be on Sega’s new system. Either way, the reach of these games outside of Japan will be limited.
SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy AC Launching On Oct. 11th
But before we get to that, a quick note that SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Arcade has been given a release date (for Japan). This is a title that is currently available on Nintendo Switch & the PlayStation 4, with some minor changes being made to the AC version by what I can ascertain. (Trailer might be slightly NSFW)

Sega Announces ALL.NET+ Multi Ver. 3 With Dead Or Alive 6 & Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
Speaking of digital distribution networks like NESICA 2, Sega has had their own network to speak of called ALL.NET P-ras Multi (better to translate the “P-ras” as “Plus”). It has