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With Frax: Pinside Edition
Frax is an active member of the Pinside forums.

Around the Playfield with Frax: Pinside Edition
The Start Button: How did you first get into pinball?
My earliest memories of anything pinball was from bowling league and Putt-Putt Golf. Really, it’s my mom’s fault. She was into pinball, and convinced me to play with her instead of playing Street Fighter Alpha or Puzzle Bobble, and I figured out pretty quick that getting free replays was AWESOME because it meant that my arcade tokens lasted much much longer! I remember playing Bride of Pinbot with her at Putt-Putt, and playing Fish Tales, T2, Indiana Jones, and No Good Gophers at the bowling alley. I remember playing STTNG a *lot* when we would go visit family in Oklahoma City…this place called Perfect Swing had one that was directly at the apex of the stairs to the upper level, and I would sit up there for HOURS racking up replays.
The Plunge: What was the first pinball machine you bought?
We had a Cyclone at home for a while when I was 16, but the first game I actually purchased was Space Shuttle. It was nerve wracking. I had no experience with repair, soldering, or even a multimeter. I had heard about Tron Legacy getting turned into a pinball through KLOV boards, we had recently bought a Nintendo Vs. cab with Dr. Mario on it, but I was frustrated trying to repair the CRT. It was a few days before my birthday, I’m trolling Craigslist looking for deals on arcade games, and I did a search for pinball just on a “huh, I wonder what they go for these days” whim. There