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With Keith Elwin (KME)
Keith Elwin is a pinball designer for Stern Pinball.  Also, he’s pretty good at competitive pinball.

Around the Playfield
The Start Button: How did you first get into pinball?
Pinball was everywhere when I was a kid. Used to play at 7-11 and the local pizza places before getting serious @ 12 years old.
The Plunge: What was the first pinball machine you bought?
I was 16 I bought a Xenon from some guy with a huge storage unit full of games for $160. As I was loading the game up he tossed in an NOS playfield into the deal.
After playing the game for a few weeks I did my first playfield swap!
The Skill Shot: What is your best pinball achievement or favorite pinball moment?
The first time Steve Ritchie played Archer he told me “This doesn’t suck.”
Good Shots, Bad Bounces: What is your favorite and least favorite pinball machine?
That’s a tough one since I have been playing for some time. I think it will always be Frontier because it was the first game I ever got hooked on. World Cup 78 zzzzz…. 
Honorable mention to High Hand and Algar.
The Wizard Mode: What is your dream theme you’d like to see made into a pinball machine?
The Hardy Boys
The Tilt: What is the dumbest mistake you’ve made in pinball (mishap moving a machine, messing up trying to fix a machine, etc.)?
Accidentally leaving a Warlok backglass outside for a week. P.S. Anyone selling a Warlok backglass?  
The High Score: Describe the pinball hobby in one word.

Match – Next Game: Where do you see the pinball hobby in 5-10 years?
Good question! Pinball will always be a mashup of newer tech driving something vintage