IAAPA 2018 is a little over a week from today, and per usual, expect to find plenty of videos from that event on our YouTube & Bitchute channels in the following weeks.
We’ll start with the videmption piece this time, as the video has sound. We first learned about this latest App-to-Arcade development near the beginning of October, with the arcade build offering 3-player fun in a variation of the TMNT cabinet. The basic goal of the game is the same as the mobile/browser version, collecting the glowing dots to make your snake grow, but now you’re hoping to win tickets. Still no word on whether or not it will offer amusement-only play. You can also grab power ups to gain a temporary advantages.

Super Bikes 3
I was waiting on a version with audio before making this post, but decided that I can swap this out as soon as the audio version pops up. This does allow us to get a feel for how it will be in action, which I would place it just slightly ahead of Cruis’n Blast. The video is available in 1080p60, which should match what the game offers; the lighting effects are light-years ahead of where the first two SB games were at, and all of the explosive action seen in Cruis’n is intact. With all of the similarities, I won’t be surprised if ops end up calling this one “Cruis’n Bikes.”

What do you think about these games from what we see here?
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