Things are picking up in the arcade news space as we had news about the latest PIU arcade game and now we have a couple of other titles to discuss with  Axel City 2 and Donut Dodo Do!, both launching soon on exA-Arcadia coin-operated platforms.

Axel City 2 Location Test

This long anticipated fighter has been on our radar almost since the exA-Arcadia burst onto the scene, where many readers have inquired or wondered about its status over the years. I had seen and played it at a couple of tradeshows before, including the recent Amusement Expo, but now the game is on test at two locations: Taito Hey In Akihabara & the Nakano TRF. The latter posted a 6 hour stream of the game already, while exA themselves posted three videos, one of which is how to play (video is in Japanese). The two other videos function like trailers, this being the longer of the pair:

For those curious, the play style on this one is more “classical,” comparable to games like  Fatal Fury Special or Super SF2 Turbo. Note that there is an adult content setting which if activated will show more exaggerated details in the female fighters; There is also no blood, but hit effects which, for certain characters, may have a blood-like look to it.

The test goes on through the 17th; It has not been listed yet for pre-order so not sure what the price is(I’d guess between $1200~$1500 for the kit). Do note that there are no plans for a console port, making this on a full-on exA – and arcade – exclusive.

Donut Dodo Do! Official Trailer

Not to be forgotten nor left out, the upcoming arcade port of Pixel Games’ Donut Dodo now has a trailer. I still want to say “dough” for the “Do!” part but this trailer makes it clear it’s Do! for anyone wondering. In case this is the first time you’ve heard about this port, it features a new character Bella, a new level and some other adjustments to how it plays – helped by super low input lag (lower than consoles). This one is available now for pre-order and should be shipping soon; It’s also a budget release, costing under $1000. At this point you could setup a 4-game budget exA (Astro Ninja Man Exa, Kira Kira Star Night Exa, and Cosmic Digger 3671 filling out the other three):

Do either of these games interest you?

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