The following post is discussing a game that has been seen on location test, which is the arcade industry equivalent of a beta test. This means that there is not much info to go on at this point but also that anything and everything we currently know about the game can change for when – or if – it hits production. 

The arcade business is no stranger to sequels, as any property, be it a game or a movie, that performs well, tends to warrant a sequel at some point. That said, arcades can be slower to do a sequel than other entertainment genres, since arcade games can keep on earning strong well after production of a title has ceased.

Late last year, Bandai Namco Amusements did announce a sequel to their 2010 racing game Dead Heat, called Dead Heat Unleashed. Now, the company has another sequel from around that era in the works presently called GoldStorm Pirates. All we know about it at the moment comes from this tweet(shared on the Arcade Heroes Discord server by Ted), which shows the current marquee and a sliver of the attract mode. As mentioned at the top, there’s always a chance that everything about this can change, from the name to the cabinet design and so on. In case that tweet gets pulled, I’ll embed the image here:

I did reach out to Bandai Namco Amusements America and they did confirm that it’s legit, however, don’t expect to see this popping up at your local arcade anytime soon. We’re looking at “more than a year away” if it passes testing, this is really the first test of the game out in the wild. Generally we don’t see anything about such games so early on, although thanks to the internet, that’s always changing (funny enough though, I remember Raw Thrills telling me that they were surprised that no one shared pics about Winter X Games Snocross when it had been testing for years and managed to fly under the radar).

On speculation, I would be surprised if they drastically change up the control scheme, although it’s always possible. The original DeadStorm Pirates you’ll recall featured two mounted cannons and a pirate ship steering wheel. I would assume from that pic above that the gameplay will be a little more focused on gold/treasure than previously but we’ll have to wait and see how it pans out. We’ll also have to see if this gets different cab designs like DSP did – that first launched in a Deluxe environmental design, and later received a motion seat version, a smaller upright standard model, and also a rare 4D Super Deluxe version that I only saw once at a tradeshow.  They also released a major software upgrade for the game at one point called Special Edition which added two more levels to the mix.

What are your hopes for a DSP sequel? Also, with Bandai Namco in a sequel mood, are there any other games from the 2010’s that you would like to see get such a treatment?

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