It has been a while since we had some game news from Bandai Namco Amusements America, the US/CAN side of the company – and an even longer time since we had something new to share on their 2017 release, Maximum Tune 5.  Now that a new year is in full swing, that is changing.
As the headline says, BNAA has announced a new nationwide (well, technically international, as they do cover Canada) tournament for the game, officially “The 4th Nagoya Area Online Champion Match.” The match begins on January 21st and goes for a month to February 21st. This takes advantage of the fact that all MaxiTune 5 games are connected to the internet, and the game has built-in tournament features (whether for an event like this or locally).

Players will be able to get exclusive name plates (which will change the look of the lower right UI portion that shows the player’s name and current speed) by participating in and playing the Qualifier and Main Event portions well. The gold Dragon plate is the top name plate prize from the main event. They also will be awarding other skins and ID tags that can be won as qualifier prizes. Players will only be able to win these by participating in the tournament. Per the official tournament page:
There are 4 different name plates you can get during the Qualifiers. After each Qualifier race, there will be a short mini-game in which you have the chance to receive a name plate.
If you can master the mini-game, you can get all 4 Qualifier name plates in as little as four plays.
There are 2 different name plates you can get during the Main event. All participants, regardless of their end rank, will receive the Participation Prize Name Plate. However, only the top 100 finishers will