I mentioned in the last post that we’d have another Location Based Entertainment Virtual Reality (LBE-VR for those that don’t want to spout that mouthful every time) piece to discuss today, and here we are. This one comes to us from Japan, and Bandai Namco Amusements’ latest efforts to bolster VR gaming through their VR Zones, particularly at two different locations in Japan. One is at the existing VR Zone in Osaka, the other is a facility called MAZARIA, which opens in July. Last night, BNA Japan posted several videos to promote this new location, with some arcade-related items of interest to look at. We’ll start with the main promo and go from there.
Heads-up that this is a media heavy post. Thanks to Kevin Williams for clearing up a couple of things on MAZARIA and providing this image.

Let’s call this the “Date Night Promo”

Now for one of the games – Galaga Fever. Galaga carries with it instant recognition, and this particular game feels like it came straight out of the movie Pixels. I’m sure fans of the Galaxian 3 Theater wouldn’t mind an adaptation of this into a theater arcade format:

It feels a little weird to have Galaga but not Pac-Man, so they’ve taken care of that too with Pac-Man Challenge. This is essentially a modern update to the clunky Pac-Man VR from 1996, although from the 7 second clip they’ve posted online(but not to YouTube), it is a little odd to be navigating the maze and grabbing the power pellets instead of eating them. They’ve drastically reduced the size of the mazes too, probably to help tone down the difficulty of Pac-Man when it comes to the first person. Another unique aspect of this compared to the other games that BNA has been running is that this will use