I’m a sucker for mech games, and I think it’s unfortunate that we’ve had almost nothing in the genre in Western arcades. There was Mechwarrior 4 for Tsunami Tsumo cabinets, but that was about 20 years ago; You’ve also had the Tesla II Mech Pods floating about out there, but in both cases the games were very difficult to come across. Japan has had plenty beyond Gundam: Sega has Border Break, Square Enix has Starwing Paradox, Konami had Steel Chronicle, UNIS had Armed Resistance(I think that one only saw action in China though).
I recently wrote about the sequel to the famous “Gundam pods” that have been a fixture on the Japanese arcade scene for well over a decade, and today BNA released a new trailer that showcases the new cabinet design that they have for the game. Just a note that the likelihood of any Western arcade importing these (especially now) is pretty low, unless Bandai Namco Amusements America took the step of releasing this here (don’t hold your breath on that).
First the trailer, then some stills:

It’s definitely a pretty game, but this new cabinet is also something. While it moves away from “the pod” concept of using a curved screen(a design that BNA used in other titles like Mach Storm, Star Wars Battle Pod and Lost Land Adventure), it’s still going to draw attention. Per this review from someone who got to try it out, it still maintains the immersive feel of the pods, but is open air which is better for bystanders. That said, by what I’ve heard, this cabinet is also very expensive – which isn’t too big of a surprise when you look at all of the features. It is available as an update kit for existing Gundam pods, although the pricing I heard was shockingly high