I’ve got a quick one for you all as we have a couple of game release updates to discuss.

Batsugun EXA LABEL

For all intents and purposes, this game is shipping (the official release date is June 16th), so I’ll treat it as such since we’re close enough. This is a remaster and update to Toaplan’s classic bullet hell shooter, featuring the original JAMMA arcade game from 1993 (with some bug fixes and 1 frame of input lag), along with 3 other game modes: Special, Special (Dash), EXA LABEL, and EXA LABEL EXTREME. It also has three soundtrack arrangements (one of them being the OST from the Sega Saturn port), and six new character voices.

Two kits are available for purchase, the LE coming with a variety of art pieces that should appeal to  collectors and locations alike. The first print run of LE kits have the autograph from series illustrator, Junya “Joker Jun” Inoue; It also comes with six 1800mm banners with character art from Inoue-san and more. Japanese distributors are already promoting the release and Red Sun Systems in Europe is carrying it as well.

Pump It Up 2023 Phoenix

For those excited about the upcoming release of the next Pump It Up title, we now know that it’s coming in August thanks to this image here(saw it posted by site friend Toby N.). This image, which came from Andamiro, also mentions that PIU XX’s online services (for the current iteration of PIU) will cease operations this December.

While I haven’t seen a confirmation of it yet, I’m sure that Phoenix will be available as an update kit so that operators of existing PIU XX cabinets can upgrade. I’m sure details on that will be forthcoming.

Do you have any  interest in either of these games?

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