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The Beatles has been officially announced as the next creation from Stern and Ka-Pow Pinball!  The Beatles pinball machine features artwork by Christopher Franchi, and the layout is based on the Stern Seawitch layout with some notable differences.  (Check out a picture of the Seawitch Pinball playfield layout here!)  Check out the full press release from Stern here!

The Beatles Pinball Machine

Diamond Edition
Diamond cabinet
Diamond cabinet
Diamond playfield
Diamond trim

Platinum Edition
Platinum cabinet
Platinum cabinet
Platinum playfield
Platinum trim

Gold Edition
Gold cabinet
Gold cabinet
Gold playfield
Gold trim


1964 total machines made

1614 GOLD Edition
250 PLATINUM Edition
100 DIAMOND Edition

These machines are being sold to distributors in packs of 10, which includes 7 GOLD editions, 2 PLATINUM editions, and 1 DIAMOND edition.
The first thousand will be built right away (100 DIAMOND, 200 PLATINUM, and 700 GOLD)
The remaining 964 games will be built next year (50 PLATINUM, 914 GOLD)


GOLD Edition – $7,999
PLATINUM Edition – Call a distributor, price based on market demand
DIAMOND Edition – Call a distributor, price based on market demand

General Features

Each version has different cabinet and backglass artwork
Each version has its own colored metal flake armor
Each version has inside art blades
Introductions by Ed Sullivan
Custom speech and callouts by Cousin Brucie
Simulated REEL scoring
Separate treble and bass adjustment
CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification
Fade adjustment to control the front and bottom speaker outputs

Game Features

Magnet in spinning record disc

Top playfield magnet

Multiple skill shots


LCD screen

3 drop target banks

4 flippers

Songs Included

Ticket to Ride – super spinners mode
Help – multiball ready jackpot building mode
Drive My Car – loop mania mode
It Won’t Be Long – super pop bumpers mode
I Should Have Known Better – drop target frenzy mode


A Hard Day’s Night – 4-ball multiball
All My Loving – 2-ball multiball

Main Play

Can’t Buy Me Love – main play and game over songs
Taxman – main play and game