The long-awaited The Beatles pinball was finally unveiled by Stern Pinball and Ka-Pow Pinball in a video on YouTube.
The Beatles: Beatlemania Pinball backglass
Officially called The Beatles: BeatleMania Pinball, the game focuses on the band’s early years and continues the trend begun by the earlier Stern/Ka-Pow collaboration, Batman 66, of re-versioning an earlier playfield design.  In the case of Batman 66 it was George Gomez’s 2008 release Batman: The Dark Knight which was re-visited, but for The Beatles we go back to 1980 and the Stern Electronics model, Seawitch, designed by Mike Kubin.
The playfield for The Beatles: BeatleMania Pinball
Like Seawitch, The Beatles is a four-flippered single level game featuring three banks of drop targets, but it also adds a number of additional stand-up targets around the playfield and a second spinner to the left of the three pop bumpers.
The centre bank of four drop targets
But the biggest addition is a spinning disc with a magnet in the centre, as seen in various Stern games since Twister.
The spinning disc
Whereas Seawitch has a star rollover at the top of the orbit shot, The Beatles adds a second magnet to grab the ball and drop it into the pops.  A flasher insert has also been placed between the three pop bumpers.
The upper part of the playfield
The top magnet
The right-side spinner on the orbit lane
Down at the bottom of the playfield there have been fewer changes.  The number and arrangement of inserts have been redesigned to match the game’s new features, while a one-way gate has been added to the shooter lane to prevent the ball returning to the plunger and to create a fairly simple-looking skill shot.
The bottom half of the playfield
The insert arrangement at the bottom of the playfield
The game keeps the original 1x-2x-4x bonus multiplier system
The right side of the playfield
While a full list of the tracks included in the game hasn’t been released, five of them are shown just above the flippers – All My Loving, Drive My Car, I Should Have Known Better, Ticket To Ride and It Won’t Be Long.  Collecting all five songs starts a multiball mode.
Five song