We love the Sega Mega Drive, and you really couldn’t have had the console back in the early-to-mid 90s without at least playing the Sonic titles. Arguably the franchise was at its strongest back then, with all of the main (and some of the side) games being massive hits.
So, we have thought about this golden era for the Blue Blur, and how amazing the level and sound design was, and put our minds to work on what we think the best Sonic Zones are from back then. So we replayed them, and come up with this list for this peaceful afternoon.
Gotta go fast!
Green Hill Zone

This had to be on here, right? The original and one of the best, the Act 1 of this Zone is possibly one of the most iconic levels in all of gaming. Not only this, but the Green Hill Zone is masterclass in level design, both easing the player in to the ethos of the game, while allowing Sonic to reach and maintain his now legendary speed throughout the levels.
Carnival Night Zone

This might cause a little unrest, but we prefer this Zone over Sonic 2’s Casino Night Zone. The pacing is a little less consistent than it’s gambling cousin, but it more than makes up for it in variety of level design and also the interesting design of the bosses. Also, the music in both Acts of this Zone are stunning, with the second stripping back the theme.
Angel Island Zone

Musically, visually, in terms of design, and for it’s introduction of the now iconic Knuckles, Angel Island is a great Zone. This was Sonic Team successfully showing off that Sonic 3 was bigger and better than the games before it. Not only this, but the shift in momentum that came between Act 1 and 2 was so