Back in November of 2018 we visited the Blue Sun Soda & Sweet Shop (BSSSS), and, as we wrote then, “…we will be back to Blue Sun to play their eclectic collection of older and newer pinball machines in the near future. And, of course, to enjoy more of the world’s most flavorful soda – and try other flavors too.”

We went back several weeks later and again this past December. The second time we went back we noticed some changes which we thought might interest you, the dear readers of Pinball News.

If you’ve been to BSSSS recently, you’ll know what this new
feature is . . .

Know or care to guess? Leave us a comment below…

Unlike last year’s roundabout and meandering sweet distraction, this time we meant to provide you with a somewhat quick-and-short update. Well, that was our intent…

Even though the BSSSS website boasts “One of the Largest Retro Arcades in MN“, we panicked when we could only see one solitary pinball machine.

Poor lonely little guy

Of course we went to visit him.

A solitary Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

We discovered that the Blue Sun Fun price on Willy Wonka was upped from last year’s 25¢ per game to this year’s $1.00 per play on this new game.

In desperation, we searched everywhere for a sign of more

The only pinball sign we saw

However, BSSSS still did have all the candy and soda one
could desire.

Candy and soda

Yet more candy and soda

A wall of soda

It appeared that this year a full old-fashioned soda fountain and food had been added in place of the pinball machines.

Pizza was available for purchase, but we didn’t partake

Instead, we milled around for some of the bottled-on-site ‘Whistler’ soda to drown our sorrows.

Soda bottling on the premises

Just a sign, but not the sign we were hoping for

But wait, what was this? A sign of something more?

Was that a “GAMEROOM” sign?

We investigated closer and discovered another clue.

There, besides the sign, did you see it in the dark background?


The left side of the pinball room

More from the left side

The right side

The classic pinball machines were still only 25¢ per game and were