What does every good little (or big) boy and girl want for Christmas more than a fun afternoon out? Why, all the soda pop and sweets they can eat, of course! How about over one-thousand flavors of soda, along with candy from around the entire world? It’s enough sugary goodness to keep one in the holiday spirit all year long!
Can’t keep track of over 1,000 flavors? That’s OK, BSSSS has you covered
But you may want to stick to just one brand. Whistler Classic Soda is bottled on site and is the most flavorful soda you have ever tasted!
Don’t believe us? Well, check this out
Yep, that’s soda bottling machinery right there
Still don’t believe us? Take a tour yourself. Tours are $5.00 per person when groups fill out to ten, or a $50.00 minimum. And, you get a bottle of Whistler soda at the end of your tour.
What are we talking about? Well, the Blue Sun Soda & Sweet Shop in Spring Lake Park, MN, USA.
Blue Sun Soda & Sweet Shop on County Highway 10
OK, maybe we still need to come down from our sugar rush, and get to telling you why your favorite online news source is reporting on a sweets shoppe. But, first one more hit of delicious Whistler soda. That’s right, we brought some home. And candy too.
We have barely mentioned the candy. From unique to classic, they have it all!
This isn’t even all the candy
They have an entire “Wall of Pez”. Have you ever seen a flippen wall of Pez?
All the Pez that is the Pez that’s fit to Pez!
Did we write “flippen”? Is that bad? Do we have to put money in the swear jar?
Luckily for us, use of the swear jar is not mandatory
Oh yea . . . flippen . . . as in pinball; the reason you are probably reading this article.
But did we tell you about the fireworks?

Fireworks and candy and pop, oh my!
We can’t forget about the duck and snail big enough to ride.
Duck and snail, plus there’s and elephant around here somewhere
An elephant never forgets. And we won’t forget to tell you