This week as Bowl Expo ’18 and as I had mentioned on the previous post, I wasn’t planning on attending until a last minute change took place. Granted, with Las Vegas being as close as it is by plane, it’s not much of a journey. Although waiting until the last minute to get a flight doesn’t exactly warrant the best options.
Anyways, previous Bowl Expo shows have not been much to talk about when it comes to arcades but this year it was different. With Amusement on the upswing over the past few years, plenty of new product has been in development and that means we’re seeing more debuts than at just IAAPA or maybe Amusement Expo. With that, I found the trip to be beneficial and worthwhile, so let’s jump into what was there.
Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash (Bandai Namco)
Bandai Namco’s first video effort in a while is both new and old at the same time, continuing the tradition of bundling Namco’s 80s arcade classics into a cabinet form. We spoke about it earlier this week in this post. The Pixel Bash re-uses the classic upright shape as the old Midway cabinets and is being made in both coin and non-coin models. Only the Coin model was at the show, sporting a 26″ monitor and an 8-way joystick. The stick felt slightly stiff but it was usable for the games that require diagonals. The monitor bezel art and the screen itself needed some adjusting (the latter something that commentor Voltz has mentioned both in this video below and in the comments on another post). But overall this will offer the best compilation of games released in this format that Namco has done so far.

As a note, the sales staff discovered that if you set the coin-op version to Free Play, Ms. Pac-Man