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NOTE: Since next Monday is Christmas Eve and next Tuesday is Christmas Day, there will be no TWIP next week!  We’ll be back on 12/31!!  

Our friends at the Special When Lit Pinball Podcast (website, Facebook) recently released an interview with the one and only, Brian Eddy!  Designer of The Shadow, Attack from Mars, and Medieval Madness, and recent addition to the Stern Pinball team.
Check out the full interview here!
Here are just a few of the highlights…

The Shadow
Photo courtesy High End Pins
SWL: So you were passionate about The Shadow Theme?
BE: Um, I was passionate about making a pinball [laughs].  I think when the Shadow came up, it was one of the licenses that they had…we did a lot of ones that were movies that were coming out, so you never know how that movie is going to turn out.  Shadow – not the best movie in the end, but it was being pitched as the next Batman.  And I actually remembered Shadow from the radio shows and I listened to them so I could get into it.  I think for that movie and that theme, I think we did a really good pin for it.  Unfortunately the movie wasn’t as big as everybody hoped.
SWL: So the Sanctum Lock magnet, in my opinion, is one of the coolest lock shots in pinball.  The way it looks like the ball is going to fall, gets drawn back, then disappears.  Was that something that was intentional, or was that something that – while you were programming, was a visual effect that just happened on its own?
BE: Completely intentional…it turned out great – even today, you watch it and it