Not every game that we discuss on the blog boldly goes into production, and such is the case with a videmption arcade piece developed by Raw Thrills that we talked about last year by the name of Star Trek Battleground. While the game has been canceled, game producer Matt Cianchetti was kind enough to provide me with some information on it so that we can preserve information about it for the future. Just as a note, what you’ll see in this post shows an incomplete build of the game; Had it gone on to final production, any number of things could have changed, improvements made to the frame rate (some pics show the frame rate was hovering around 30), etc.

As a licensed title, the game was seeking to bring the world of Star Trek to videmption gaming. The franchise has appeared in standard video arcades a couple of times; In pinball several times; And standard redemption a time or two. It even recently popped up in VR for Dave & Busters. Battleground would have used a format as found in fishing games, but instead of harpooning a variety of fish, you would blast a number of ships from the Star Trek universe – spacecraft from the Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi and ultimately, the Borg. The Borg battle is where you could win the posted ticket jackpot.

Each player controlled the “saucer section” of the classic USS Enterprise, using a knob controller to aim your phaser beams or photon torpedoes. Some ships would have been easier than others to take out, with the Borg cube being the most difficult of all. As you can tell from the pic above, it had a Breakout-style moving shield around it all that players would have had to chip away at, then hit the cube enough before