Each year, just prior to Pinball Expo, Dan Marquardt updates his report on the best pinball sites in the Chicagoland area for those visiting the metropolis.  Here is his look at the pinball scene in the Windy City for 2018.
It only gets better and better to go out and play pinball machines in the Chicago area. Mostly due to the continued popularity of barcades, there are numerous locations all over the Chicago area with fun pinball machines available to play.
Here is a list of the locations I have enjoyed visiting so far.  Some of the sites articles referenced are by M.G. Brown. Pinball Map has many more locations listed on their website. They very kindly gave me permission to use information from their excellent website for some of my updates.

Logan Arcade – Chicago
See report
Update: All the latest Stern pins are in their collection.

Logan Arcade


Replay (Lincoln Park) – Chicago
See previous report
Fourteen pinball machines available to play.

Replay in Lincoln Park


Emporium Arcade Bar (Wicker Park) – Chicago
See previous report
Update: Guardians of the Galaxy and Triple Play: Chicago Cubs have been rotated into their line-up.

Emporium Arcade Bar (Wicker Park)


Lemming’s Tavern – Chicago
See previous report
Update: Iron Maiden Premium and Road Show with a Color DMD are the current pins.

Lemming’s Tavern


Brixie’s – Brookfield
See previous report
Update: An awesome wall of five super clean pins. Iron Maiden Premium, Star Wars Premium, Game of Thrones Premium, Ghostbusters Premium and Total Nuclear Annihilation are the current titles.

Brixie’s in Brookfield


Galloping Ghost Arcade – Brookfield
See previous report
Update: They have four pins now.

Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield


Game Works – Schaumburg
See previous report
Update: Three pins from Stern are there now.

Gameworks in Schaumburg


Level 257 – Schaumburg
See previous report
Update: The new Houdini pin has been added. A dozen pinballs to play there now.

Level 257


Chicago Street Pinball Arcade – Joliet
See previous report
Update: Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International LE has been added.

Chicago Street Pinball Arcade


Bottom Lounge – Chicago
Pinball list courtesy of Gavin Miller: Bobby Orr Power Play x 2, Seawitch, The Addams Family, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Funhouse, Gilligan’s Island, The Champion Pub, Metallica and Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Ball.
Bottom Lounge in Chicago


Round 1 – Aurora