During the EAG 2018 expo back in January, a new game by the name of Race Craft appeared at the Tecnoplay booth. While Tecnoplay is not a name you might know if you are located outside of Italy, they are not newcomers to the business. Their first angle is distribution of arcade machines in Italy; the second one has involved the occasional creation of new arcade machines that find their way to different parts of the world.
Tecnoplay’s first video game (that I am aware of) was Mini Motor Racing Arcade, an app-to-arcade title that was used inside of Sega’s Virtua Tennis 4 cabinet. The game did show up in the US at Benchmark’s IAAPA 2014 booth, but I am not sure if any US locations have had one on hand.

With Race Craft, they are keeping with the racing theme, but going a little more ambitious with the scope of the title. The game itself is based on a PC title that offers procedurally generated race tracks and the opportunity to “craft” your vehicle before the race. It isn’t clear to what degree the arcade version of the software will allow such features(particularly the crafting), but you can find the game on Steam Early Access right now if you are so inclined.

One thing that is clear about the arcade version however, is that it is in production right now. Below you’ll find a slideshow of pics that were posted to Tecnoplay’s Facebook page, showing the parts for the game being prepped in their warehouse for assembly. Tecnoplay told me that they intend on filling orders for the Italian market to start, then they’ll be looking at international distribution around May/June. I would venture to guess that we’ll get more info on those plans at EAG 2019, which takes place