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LIVE SHOW: Saturday Night at the Texas Pinball Festival
LIVE show.  Hosts Zach and Greg from Straight Down the Middle.  Guests presenters.  Acceptance speeches.  Cash bar.  Streamed live on Twitch.  Don’t miss it.

The Categories
Best Animations and Display
Best Lightshow
Best Theme
Best Toys and Gimmicks
Best Theme Integration
Best Music and Sound Effects
Best Callouts
Best Rules
Best Playfield Gameplay and Layout
Best Artwork
Game of the Year
Favorite Mod of 2018
Favorite Pinball YouTube Channel
Favorite Pinball Twitch Streamer
Favorite Pinball Podcast
Favorite Home Brew Pinball Machine
Favorite Location Pinball
Favorite Pinball Convention
Favorite Pinball Tournament
Rookie of the Year
Please note: these are SUBJECT TO CHANGE – more categories may be added, and descriptions will be added for when voting opens

The Game Nominees
Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle (Spooky Pinball)
The Beatles (Stern Pinball/Ka-Pow Pinball)
Cosmic Cart Racing (Multimorphic)
Deadpool (Stern Pinball)
Houdini (American Pinball)
Iron Maiden (Stern Pinball)
Monster Bash Remake (Chicago Gaming Company)*
Pirates of the Caribbean (Jersey Jack Pinball)
Mafia (Team Pinball)
Primus (Stern Pinball Contract Game)
Supreme (Stern Pinball Contract Game)
Thunderbirds (Homepin)
*eligible for certain categories
Please note: these are SUBJECT TO CHANGE

TWIPY Committee
We have developed a TWIPY Committee comprised of Lloyd Olsen, Steve Bowden, Colin MacAlpine, William Oetting, Zach Meny, Greg Bone, and Jeff Patterson.  The Committee will be responsible for determining game eligibility and categories, show and schedule coordination, and most importantly, maintaining the integrity of the voting process through a new online secure voting process, and helping review and validate results.


— LIVE AWARDS SHOW 3.23.19 —


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