It sure has been a spell since we had a standalone arcade news story to discuss, so I’m happy to say that this one is about a “new retro” game.
New retro probably fits the description best, given that this game is patterned after Toaplan shoot ’em ups from the late 80s (particularly Same! Same! Same!), and it also carries a similar look, but it’s a brand new game. Called Twin Tiger Shark – not the SAME!, this is a newly reworked version of a game that the programmer, Mikael Tillander, produced back in 2014. It is also designed using its own specialized hardware that can plug into any JAMMA arcade cabinet. Here’s a video of the game in action, the same that was posted to the already successful Kickstarter campaign.

If you really enjoy late 80’s shmups, then I imagine that this is right up your alley. I’d be curious to see how this would do in an arcade where games like this tend to get some play.
From the Kickstarter page, here are the differences between the original PC version and this new arcade one:

Totally Reworked Graphics
Reworked and New Bosses
Reworked and New Enemy Types / Behaviours
Reworked and New Stages
All New Music
Reworked and New Sound Effects
HW Dip-switch Options
Test Menu
No hardware rotation or transparency
4:3 instead of 16:9
Faster gameplay
Totally Rewritten code, from the ground up, to support the unique hardware

Where Mikael is based out of Sweden, the pricing is set in the Swedish Krona and the expected delivery date is December 2021. The base kit (just the game PCB & manual) comes to around $180; the complete kit with artwork/flyer comes to about $239.
What do you think about this one?
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