There aren’t many fans that I know of for old school fiberglass arcade cabinets but they do exist. Such designs were used in several instances throughout the 1970s, mainly by Atari but also by a few of the fly-by-night companies that tried to make a quick buck off of a Pong clone. Once the industry got rolling, the material was dumped for the most part, excepting kiddie rides or the occasional bezel piece. In recent times, the material has made a tepid comeback, usually on Taiwanese made machines, such as those developed by InJoy Motion, or maybe something out of a Chinese factory.

Perhaps the most famous example of a fiberglass arcade cab known, Computer Space

With the upcoming release of Cosmotrons by Arcadeaholics LLC, American-made fiberglass arcade cabinets are looking to make their come back. As shown below in this video, the new Delux-O-Tron (disclaimer: I suggested that name for that cabinet on Facebook when they were looking for submissions and they liked it enough to go with it) cabinet is made out of fiberglass. It certainly gives the game a distinctive and smooth look, like a giant multiplayer Computer Space. Both Shane Gutbrod of Arcadeaholics and Otto Hopfinger of Otto Hopfinger and Sons give us this behind-the-scenes look at what kind of work is going into making such a cabinet:

What do you think about this development so far?

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