The journey of the indie arcade game Cosmotrons is about to come to a head as we have a new update to share with you in regards to the production version of the game.

Let’s get to the big news first: any operators or distributors interested in carrying the game can now place an order for it. The first batch begins production next week and those units begin shipping in May; interested parties for the first batch can contact Shane Gutbrod at 262.391.1069 or e-mail him at The second batch will hit this Summer.

For attendees who braved the weather and made it to the Midwest Gaming Classic 2018 event, chances are that you got a chance to check it out. The game first appeared at MGC17 and we’ve been following the development ever since. Shane provided a few pictures from that event where they won the award the Best Multiplayer Video Game of the show; Raw Thrills CEO Eugene Jarvis also gave it a spin as he was at the show exploring the booths. This first pic shows what the booth looked like most of the time; here’s a link to a video that shows a little bit from their booth as well

Cosmotrons Booth at MGC18

The People’s Choice Multi-player Video trophy. This is the 2nd year in a row that they’ve one this:

Cosmotrons award

The Arcadeaholics duo with Dave Furrer and Shane Gutbrod:

Shane also posted some fresh gameplay to YouTube this morning. check it out:

The Deluxe-O-Tron Cabinet

Posted to the Cosmotrons Facebook page this week, fans got to see what the final production version of the cabinet looks like. In this first image, the final cabinet takes center stage between the two prototypes:

Cosmotrons Deluxe-O-Tron

For techies, the dimensions come in at: 52” wide, 24” deep, 75” tall, providing for a relatively small footprint for a four player game in this modern age. As you can see, it is almost the same design with a notable exception being with the position of the coin mechs – now under the monitor bezel as opposed to below the control panel. This also adds a silver panel with the speaker grills. It is NOT limited to being coin-op however – it supports Dollar Bill Validators as well as card swipe readers. For the coin-op portion, the coin buckets are located inside of the machine and are accessible by unlocking the control panel. The recommend cost setting is $.50 per player (which would equal $2 for every group of four) four players in rounds that last around 4-7 minutes. The final version will have what each control does etched into it.

Cosmotrions control panel

The Deluxe-O-Tron is not without options. If desired, traditional front door access can be added to the cabinet; it can feature cup holders and there’s a cabinet topper in the works. To top it all off, Arcadeaholics decided to go a step further with the design and apply for a patent! Here’s another new video showing a four player battle:

The cabinet comes with a 40″ 4K monitor (possibly the first time that 4K has been used in a production game…most at this point are either 1080p or 768p). The development team has continued to add software options and features so that operators can better tailor the game to the clientele found at their locations. One example of this that was provided mentioned how operators could reduce the ‘Win’ condition down to one instead of two where ops could also lower the price to 25¢ per play & player since rounds in this manner last approximately 2-3 min.

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