Wondering whether or not you should shell out the cash to play Dave & Busters new Jurassic World VR experience? I recently checked it out at my local Dave & Busters so we can try to answer that question for you. Being interested in VR and motion simulators I was naturally very excited to try out this experience. This is the first chain-wide large scale VR operation based on a large-scale recognizable brand that I know of in the USA. This VR simulation experience is made by VRC, The Virtual Reality Company and you can find a link to their website right here.
I played the attraction at the Cheektowaga, NY Dave & Busters in the Walden Galleria Mall.
The experience costs $5 to play, you have to purchase an attraction credit to play it which is separate from the game chips you use to play all the other games at Dave & Busters so you cannot use chips to play this attraction. Attraction credits are purchased at the kiosk or from the same place you recharge or purchase your power cards.

Once you purchase your credits you stand in line for the attraction. This attraction requires a separate employee to run. There was a steady stream of guests at this attraction at my location but it was not so much that I had to wait in a long line to play it. I only had to wait one turn to play. The attraction is a 4 seat motion simulator that moves in all directions (it doesn’t go upside down or anything crazy like that) with a small staircase that the employee has to pull down for guests to get in and out of the ride. It has 2 screens where onlookers can view the action, but the screens show a blank image