We recently heard about a new game that was on it’s way to Dave & Busters arcade locations around the country, a 1v1 fighting game with a big license by the name of Marvel: Contest of Champions. Today, we have some media and details to share with you about this card vending video game as it officially launches at the chain’s 122 North American locations.
As mentioned in the first story about this, Contest of Champions has existed as a mobile game since 2013, but the arcade version looks to stand above that thanks to the arcade cabinet and card vending features. Let’s start with the game cabinet, then go from there:

As you can see from that image, the game cabinet is similar to what Raw Thrills used with Injustice Arcade, with some notable differences. First off, you’ve got joysticks, something that was not used in Injustice. This gives the game a different dynamic on how it plays, and gives us a “proper” 1v1 fighting game that fans of that genre look for. While it has four action buttons per player, with two large buttons next to the card readers. Here is a very brief teaser trailer:

Per the press release below, a company by the name of Kabam is involved with the software. The game has been re-balanced for arcade play and to offer a 2p local mode, but beyond that you’ll have to go and play it to see how it works.
There is also no word yet on whether or not this is solely exclusive to Dave & Busters or if it is a timed exclusive. If I hear otherwise, I’ll update this post.
Over 70 collectible & unique cards can be obtained from the machine, with more to come down the road. Here are some renders of the fronts &