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Deadpool is the newest title from Stern Pinball!  Below is an in-depth Overview of the machine, based on the information Stern has released and the stream of the Pro version machine from Dead Flip.  Watch the full stream here!

Left to right: Pro, Premium, Limited Edition
Left to right: Pro, Premium, Limited Edition


MSRP: $5,999
Street Price: ~ $5,600


MSRP: $7,599
Street Price: ~ $7,300

Limited Edition

MSRP: $8,999
Street Price: ~ $8,800

Who’s Who

Design: George Gomez
Software: Tanio Klyce
Artwork: Jeremy Packer (AKA Zombie Yeti)
Animation: Chuck Ernst
Script Writer: Brian Posehn

Deadpool: Nolan North
Lil’ Deadpool: Brian Huskey
Dazzler: Jennifer Lafluer

Many others – Watch Tim Sexton introduce the full team here!


Well known actor Nolan North stars as the eccentric voice of Deadpool
3-bank drop target with a ball lock that’s guarding a custom molded Lil’ Deadpool bash toy target

Two stainless steel and wireform ramps with a Katana Sword ramp return

Multifunction RGB “BOOM!” button on lockdown bar

Soundtrack featuring 11 original tracks

Two flippers
Two spinners

Features on Premium and Limited Edition Models:

Additional 8 drop targets

Motorized disco ball with disco illumination effects

Custom molded Wolverine and Dazzler action figures, custom molded chimichanga truck time machine

Actuated up/down ramp that feeds the right flipper from the left orbit, keeping the action continuous and fast

Custom “Deadpool’s Mix Tape” cassette featuring 11 original music tracks with sleeve art by Zombie Yeti (Premium Only)

Features on Limited Edition Models:

Anti-reflection pinball glass
High powered speaker system
Illuminated speaker rings
Mirrored backglass
LE Exclusive art blades
Powder coated trim
Shaker motor
12” Vinyl LP featuring 11 original music tracks with cover art by Zombie Yeti 

(PLEASE NOTE!!  This is what I could pick up from the stream, so some parts are missing and/or incomplete!)
The Pro versions are shipping with code version 0.81.
According to the Stern Pinball website:
“Deadpool” is known as the