As predicted in the Pinball News and Pinball Magazine podcast last week, Stern Pinball today announced their next title, Deadpool.
The Premium model’s translite image
Based on the Marvel comic book character and not the popular movie franchise, Deadpool is a George Gomez design with art by Jeremy Packer (Zombie Yeti) and sounds & music by Jerry Thompson. As is customary, the game comes in three versions – Pro, Premium and a 500-machine Limited Edition. However, as we will see, the extras included with the Premium and LE models are less to do with gameplay and more about added bling and collectables.
So, let’s start with the base Pro model where the external hardware is standard for a Stern Spike 2 game, with a colour LCD display, two backbox speakers, a cabinet speaker and a smaller backbox artwork which is a translite on the Pro and Premium, but a real backglass on the Limited Editions.
Deadpool Pro model
Like his earlier Ghostbusters design, Zombie Yeti’s cabinet and backbox art is a riot of colour, and this carries over onto the playfield.  The Pro model is themed on Deadpool himself battling a variety of enemies.
The Pro model’s translite image
The backbox side art
The cabinet side art with different designs on each side
The right cabinet side
The pro badge on the speaker panel
The cabinet front
And so onto the playfield.
The Pro model’s playfield
The playfield art is somewhat over powering in these publicity pictures, but may be somewhat toned-down once the game’s general illumination takes over.
This is a two-flippered game with two ramps, although the stainless-steel right ramp is rather unusual being fed from an inner-right lane rather than direct from a flipper.
The right ramp shot
The right ramp continues across the playfield above the top four rollover lanes, turning into a sword-shaped ramp similar to The Lord of the Rings, before depositing the ball into the right inlane.
The top rollover lanes and pop bumper area with the right ramp passing overhead
The sword ramp return
The right ramp returns the ball to the right inlane
The stainless-steel left ramp is more conventional, returning the ball back to the left flipper.  It’s good to see