Deeproot Pinball’s CEO, Robert Mueller, promised to revolutionise pinball, and it’s true that this week’s launch of their new product line was in many ways unlike anything we’d seen before.

This was the company’s third attempt to reveal their Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland (RAZA) game alongside multiple other launch or future titles, as well as showcase the many innovations in how pinball is built and played they have been working on for the past four years.

The first aborted launch was at the 2018 Texas Pinball Festival, where the Five Days of Deeproot was slated to steal the show and put the new kids front and centre of the pinball stage. Then, about three months before the show opened, the Five Days were cancelled. There would be no reveal, nor even any official company presence at the show.

The second launch was scheduled for twenty-four months later, just before the 2020 Texas Pinball Festival. This time the plan was to have journalists, bloggers and podcasters from around the world descending on Deeproot Pinball’s San Antonio headquarters for a guided tour of the facility, reveals of their numerous upcoming games, a look at the many innovations incorporated in them, and a chance to question the designers, engineers, artists and management about the company and its products.

Once the impact of Coronavirus on the impending launch became clear, with many of the intended guests either unable or choosing not to attend, the physical presentation was first converted to a virtual launch on the Internet, and then cancelled completely.

Finally, Deeproot Pinball set a new launch date of 29th September, 2020. With an additional six months to really make their reveal something special, what would they show to wow home buyers, operators and players? They ran a tease campaign on their website counting down to the day of the reveal.

One of the images from the launch tease

The weekend before the appointed date, six US-based internet bloggers, podcasters and vloggers were invited to the Deeproot Pinball facility to spearhead this launch alongside Deeproot Pinball’s own social media team. Unfortunately, what this revealed was that the RAZA game and