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We have recently learned that the launch of deeproot Pinball will not happen in March at the 2019 Texas Pinball Festival as originally planned.  Below you will find a statement from deeproot Pinball and an interview with Robert Mueller where he shares some of the reasons behind the delay.
Statement from deeproot
“During a leadership meeting on December 3 it became clear that all necessary deliverables would not be ready in time for our reveal at Texas Pinball Festival. Rather than rush with little-tested innovations, fail to deliver what has been promised, or lower the level of expectation we have for ourselves, we decided to postpone the reveal. While we are not going to reveal at TPF, we chose to support the TPF experience by keeping our sizable monetary investment in tact.   We thank Ed and team for rolling out the red carpet for us.  We are grateful for their support, and would urge everyone to attend what will be another amazing pinball experience next March.

Interview with Robert Mueller
This Week in Pinball: What are the reasons for the delayed launch?
Robert Mueller:  We aren’t worried about spin or making anything positive or negative.  It is very simple. I owe it to my staff that the blood, sweat, and tears (innovations) we have expended will be showcased and delivered to the public in the best possible way.  That includes extra stress and cycle testing of new innovations; using additional time making sure launch titles are code and AV complete; increasing the durability of the playfield; and improving playfield assembly process efficiencies.  Lastly, I’ve promised future customers that we will ship in two weeks of a sale being made.  We simply will