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deeproot Pinball is looking to become a major pinball manufacturer.
This Week in Pinball previously released the following articles regarding deeproot Pinball, which include interviews, backstory, and general timeline of deeproot Pinball.

Interview with deeproot – The Next Misadventure or a Pinball Revolution?
deeproot Pinball: New Home, New Hires, 5 Days of deeproot, EXCLUSIVE Follow Up Interview

The following is an update directly from deeproot Pinball regarding their new building in San Antonio, a creative studio located in Utah, a new Ruleset Designer, Licenses, and Claims.
New deeproot Building in San Antonio

“The deeproot family of companies is excited to announce the completion of its move to 12621 Silicon Dr, San Antonio, TX 78249.  This facility will not only supplement deeproot’s financial, agricultural, mining, sports, retail, and real estate ventures, but also its manufacturing facility for its pinball tech project. While it will take several months to finish renovations and receive equipment, we fully plan to be up and ready to manufacture pinball machines very soon!  In fact, we have received or are ordering all machinery needed to create nearly every component of a pinball machine in house.”

New deeproot CREATIVE STUDIO in Utah
“In conjunction with the move into our current facility, deeproot is excited to also announce the opening of a creative studio in Sandy, Utah.  This deeproot Tech creative studio will focus on videogaming, concept and digital art and animation, and audio/video production.  The studio will soon house tens of artists that have all worked on triple A games and are excited and passionate to pour their talents into our pinball project.”
New Hire – Steve Bowden: RULESET DESIGNER
“Steven Bowden will be moving to Texas and joining the