The first amusement-focused tradeshow of the year takes place this week in London, known as EAG 2020, and here’s a preview of some of what to expect with some of the latest news on several arcade products.
Nitro Trucks
This is likely the final cabinet design for Nitro Trucks, although until it starts rolling off the production line there is always a chance for a small change. But if you compare this to the first design, you can see where the differences are: mainly in LED lighting, which now is along most edges instead of just the top, but also in the “LEADER!” marquee placed within the rollbar and the more prominent Play Mechanix logo on the tires. There is no mention of any software changes, although in the span of the months between IAAPA in November and when this is supposed to reach production (Feb/Mar), there are always improvements and polishing that take place:
Transformers Shadows Rising Upright Spotted On Test
Thanks to Jdevy for sending this my way. Tested at an unknown location back in November, I have been wondering when Sega would try an upright design for their latest Transformers game, as I think that would help the game find it’s way into more locations. It really is an improved game over Human Alliance in every measurable aspect (graphics, sound, gameplay, fun). It’s a small image, but you can see that it uses the same design as HA, which also implies that perhaps Sega could release a conversion kit for the older cabs (like they are doing with Mario & Sonic 2016 -> 2020). Granted, there is no confirmation that this headed into production, especially where it was testing in November and didn’t show up at IAAPA. If it’s at EAG, then I think it’s a surefire sign that it’ll have