Please Note – Epic Deli has moved to a new location in the last year and this review is based on that new location.

Epic Deli in the far-north Chicago suburbs is much more than a ‘deli’. As a matter of fact, ‘deli’ in this case is probably misleading.

Epic is better described as an eclectic restaurant serving American-style sandwiches, Tex-Mex meals, desserts and the occasional Asian specialty dish.

Epic Deli in McHenry, Illinois

The interior of the new location struck me by how it is decorated; it is a style that perhaps is best described as a late 1960s vision of the 21st century. It’s not contemporary, it’s not retro, but it is an interesting combination of both.

The interior of Epic Deli in McHenry, Illinois

One of the things that took me aback on Epic’s regular menu is the Deadpool Changa which is a burrito stuffed with Buffalo-style chicken and pepper-jack cheese, that is then battered and crusted in Flamin’ Hot Cheeto crumbs before being deep-fried! This creation is served with a side dipping sauce of ghost pepper ranch dressing.

Can you survive the Deadpool Changa at Epic Deli?

Surely one must have accelerated healing to be able to survive eating such a creation! But a warning, “No one escapes the wrath of the Changa.”

The regular menu lists submarine sandwiches with names such as aPORKalypse, The Skiba (Matthew Skiba is a guitarist for the band Blink-182), The Leo Stotch (the given name of the character ‘Butters’ in South Park), The Viking Quest, etc.

There are also Chicago-style (and other) hotdogs, four different kinds of Reuben sandwiches, a huge selection of specialty wraps, Poutine (origin: the Canadian province of Quebec; French-fried potatoes topped with brown gravy and white cheddar cheese curds), loaded mashed-potato balls, deep-fried pickle chips, and both conventional and ‘adult’ milkshakes in flavors such as Dark Chocolate, Boo Berry and Oreo Carrot Cake (to name but a few).

Mosaic Gummy shake

The dessert menu sports a selection of deep-fried candy bars and deep-fried Cherry Kool-Aid balls (whatever that might be) for those adventurous enough to order and try them. A recent Epic Deli weekly specials