Evercade have released a statement addressing some intermittent audio issues with a very small amount of games and TV’s when playing in HDMI mode. The problem seems to be mostly caused by game capture software, but the team gave gone into great detail in their post.
Whilst they are working on a permanent firmware fix (just like the day one button mapping fix), there’ll be an easy soft fix for those of you who get your hands on the console soon, with the release window coming up!
Whilst there are absolutely no issues in handheld mode, some players may experience sound issues including dropout or white noise.
The Evercade team have stated that game capture devices increase the chances of these sound issues, and recommend that you use a shielded Mini-HDMI cable if you have persistent sound trouble.
You can use the Evercade’s save state functionality to easily fix sound issues though, until a more permanent solution arrives:

Press the menu button, then save state
Return to main menu
Re-launch the game
Press the menu button. then load save state

You can find a full list of the games that are compatible with some or all TV’s in Evercade’s post.
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