Evercade announced this week that Interplay and Data East will be joining Atari in providing official content!
When the Evercade was first announced we were promised that it would host officially licensed retro content via a series of cartridges. Not long after that we learnt that Atari were on board – and it’s pleasing to see them quickly followed by Interplay and Data East. What’s more, Evercade has teased that another publisher and even more cartridges will be announced next week!
For the full low-down on the Evercade – check out our overview HERE! Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at what’s in the offering from Interplay and Data East…
The Interplay cartridge will include a collection of 6 games. It’s Earthworm Jim which immediately catches the eye, but we know there will be plenty who will get that nostalgic itch from seeing the likes of Boogerman and Clayfighter!

Data East 
A generous 10 titles make up the Data East collection. We’ve previously put the arcade editions of Burger Time and Karate Champ in our Hall of Fame, so safe to say we’re happy to see them included here! Elsewhere our eyes locked straight on to Midnight Resistance and the chance to play as Johnny Ford again. Drug cartels, Narcotic Serum and the evil “King Crimson” – run and gun action romps don’t come much more entertaining than this!

Things are definitely looking promising for the Evercade, which will release later this year! Click Here for specs, latest pricing information and more!
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