We’re right around the corner for the release window of the Evercade – and with that in mind, we had a chance to speak to Andrew Byatt, Product Director at Blaze, about the system’s inspiration, and their plans for the future!
Funstock: What did you set out to achieve with the Evercade?
Andrew Byatt: We created the Evercade with the aim of making an expandable system that would bring fully licensed collections of retro games into retro gamer’s hands. There are several really great systems that offer officially licensed games, but none of these are expandable. We also had the aim to make gaming simple and affordable with interesting games that were hard to find or recently produced with a retro feel.
Funstock: How much has the Coronavirus impacted production?
AB: It has definitely been a challenge to launch a console in the middle of a global pandemic! Initially we saw an impact on the Chinese supply chain and workforce that caused several delays. We are now dealing with the delivery and fulfilment phase which is another set of challenges. This led to offering one single release date being impractical and we have determined a release window is the only practical way to deal with such local variation in shipping and delivery times. We have tried to communicate with customers throughout and hope people appreciate the job we have been doing with this.
Funstock: Where did you take inspiration from when designing the look and feel of the console?
AB: There are a lot of influences on this, from Sega Megadrive and Saturn D-Pad design to the graphics and colours scheme that was inspired by the Famicom. We definitely wanted this to look like it came from the 80’s and 90’s, but also feel like a modern piece of tech.
Funstock: A lot of people are excited to see arcade games