Good Monday morning fellow Arcade Heroes! I didn’t find enough content to do a Newsbytes with this weekend (that and I was a bit busy). But now we have a quick item to cover that is of interest to those interested in both the upcoming Exa-Arcade kit hardware and shoot’em ups.
It was revealed in February of this year that Japanese developer G.Rev was one of several companies throwing their support behind the upcoming Exa-Arcadia arcade board. We then recently heard that their first game for the system would be Strania EX. While the platform has found a lot of support from the shoot’em up genre, it seems that this one grabbed a bit of attention.
Today, Strania EX has become the first game made available to pre-order for the system, particularly with a Limited Edition package that you can read more about (or pre-order) here. The package comes with the Exa board, Strania EX and additional Limited Edition content that will be revealed at a future date. This package will ship in Early 2019; keep in mind that Exa boards support up to 4 game cards/carts on the same system so you’ll be able to add more games to it if you like.
Adding to the fun is this trailer promoting the pre-order. Check it out:

What do you think about G.Rev’s latest efforts? If you operate a location in the US, are you convinced to add one of the Exa kits to your venue yet? If not, what type of content would you like to see that would draw you in?
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