While a lot of attention is being focused on IAAPA Expo and the new games announced there, that does not mean that everything in the arcade world is centered around the Expo at the moment. With the Exa-Arcadia platform, one promise it has brought to the table is increasing the number of games that are released to arcades every year. With the launch of the system in Japan, and subsequent opening of pre-orders for the rest of the major world markets, the company behind it all is working at building interest and expand their reach.
That was done today through a press conference in Japan. While the main focus of the conference was to highlight the launch of both the Exa board and Aka & Blue Type-R, more information about additional games was also released, which is pertinent to us. Let’s start with the newly announced games:
Chaos Code
Developed by FK Digital and originally released to the Sega Ringwide hardware back in 2011, this 1v1 fighter later came to NESiCA and the PS4. Now, it is headed to EXA, replete with new, exclusive characters and additional balancing. Most of the videos online show the PS4 version in arcade mode, but I did manage to find this video from the original Ringwide version:

Super Battle Princess Madelyn
Known in the console world without the “Super” moniker, Battle Princess Madelyn is a game that serves as a love letter to Capcom’s Ghouls ‘N Ghosts. It was successfully kickstarted back in Q2 2017, where as the ultimate and most expensive perk, you would have a dedicated Battle Princess Madelyn arcade cabinet built for you. The also included an Arcade Mode, so it is likely that the Exa version will stick to that with the appropriate tweaks to keep it playable for a commercial, public setting. We’ll have